Tragedy and transformation led to the creation of Grief and Comfort

June was in her late 30s when she experienced the losses of three close loved ones in a short span of time. After a long drawn out battle with lung cancer, June’s mother tragically died from the disease at only 57 years old. At only 36 years old and as a single mother of three young children, June was overwhelmed with grief and extreme stress because her mother was her main support person. Over the next three years following her mother’s death, she also lost her best friend and a grandparent.

Completing activities of daily living and functioning as a mother and career woman became nearly impossible. June’s inability to return to a normal functioning state resulted in the loss of a 10-year long career she was passionate about before the deaths. Nearly four years had gone by before June realized that she was experiencing complicated grief, which is defined as a “chronic, hyper state of mourning.”

Determined to get her life back, June dug into resources and sought help to emerge from the ashes just as a phoenix would. After six months of personal exploration, research, and grief counselling, June was finally able to return to her daily life and meet her obligations and fulfil her responsibilities. After those 6 months, she decided to turn her mother's ashes into a diamond, she now wears her mother as cremation jewelry.

Pulling out of the depths of despair and transforming into a motivated and empowered woman was a life-changing experience that led to more than a decade of success and personal satisfaction. Inspired by her healing, June decided to share everything she learned along her journey of grief with others who have suffered losses. With this purpose in mind, the Grief and Comfort website was born.

Have you lost a loved one?

While their physical presence is gone from you forever, the love you have for that person in your heart is eternal just like the cremation jewelry June has created from the ashes of her mother. Love never dies.

Why we created the Grief and Comfort website

How one person copes with grief will probably be drastically different from the next. Come to this site to read articles that explore many personal stories and experiences with grief to gain better insight through community input, education, and various grief resources. If you have recently been diagnosed terminally ill, please read this.